Carrara Beef Wagyu Cuberoll

Weight: 3.5kg

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Description: Ribeye is the meatiest cut from the front of the beef carcass. The steak consists of one large muscle and several smaller ones. Taking a closer look at it, it might be found thin fatty layers resembling a pattern on marble. It is called Marble Beef. Carrara Ribeye has a high Marble Score of 4-5. when it is melted while frying, the fat will soak the steak, making it very juicy and tasty. Carrara Ribeye is also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. The content of these fatty acids makes marbled beef a dietary and very healthy product. Every cut of Carrara Wagyu meets exact industry standards. That is how we consistently deliver on our promise of genetic mastery and culinary excellence with every piece we put our name to. Decadence has arrived. Order our Wagyu Carrara Ribeye to make your dinner unforgettable.


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