Ebony Black Angus Tomahawk


Weight: 1 .2 - 1.5Kg

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    Description: This product is frozen. A Black Angus tomahawk steak is a premium and dramatic cut of beef known for its exceptional flavor and presentation. This steak is essentially a ribeye with an extended rib bone, which gives it a tomahawk or "axe-like" appearance, making it visually impressive. Sourced from Black Angus cattle, it inherits the breed's reputation for high-quality meat. The Black Angus tomahawk steak is prized for its abundant marbling, which runs through the meat, creating a rich, juicy, and intensely beefy flavor. It's a thicker, bone-in cut that is perfect for grilling or searing to perfection. The combination of marbling and bone-in cooking enhances its flavor and tenderness. It's often served as a showstopper at upscale steakhouses and special occasions, making it a favorite among steak connoisseurs..