What is Wagyu beef and how to cook it?

Wagyu - marbled beef from Japan - have to be cooked in a proper way. Why? Because she has savoriness (the fifth taste), to get this taste you need to follow special rules at the stove or barbecue grill

You have marbled meat, for example, a steak, cut or tenderloin. If you cook thin beef poorly, then you will not be able to enjoy it at all giving taste, and in the worst case, your lunch or dinner will be ruined. Therefore, we recommend following the advice of the best chefs who know a lot about Wagyu meat.

How to cut, how long to cook?

The first and most important rule - When the meat is cooked, it must be cut very thinly, the maximum thickness is a finger. Only cutting into thin strips will allow the taste of this marbled meat to be revealed one hundred per cent (The serving size should be about the size of a bite)

Wagyu steak is cooked differently from other steaks. Since it is thin and very marbled, it is fried in a minimum time - about 1.5 minutes on both sides. There is no need to add oil, as the fat coming out from the beef is enough to cook it

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